Sparta Technology provides state-of-the-art solutions specifically customized for its clients.

About Us

Sparta Technology started of a willing to create better software. Over the years we've been developing front-end and back-end applications for various distinct areas, like time-tracking, restaurant order tracking, mobile Backend services, Ecommerce, among others.

Who we are

Small and very knowledgeable team, based in Florida and New York, operating remotely anywhere.

What we do

Develop Web Solutions either for front-end and back-end.

Why choose us

We focus on delivering customized solutions our clients, delivering exactly what is wanted.

Open Source

Sparta Technology provides applications and Libraries for the world open source. Contributing for a better technology.

What we do

We are a company focused on technology, mainly doing development our areas os expertise.

Front-End Development

Back-end Development

Server setup and Cloud Computing

Technology consulting

We use top technology to provide the best solutions for our clients using web frameworks like JQuery and Bootstrap. From the concept to delivery Sparta Technology will create exactly the software that you need.
More and more back-end systems faces the challenge of scaling. We believe in the Microstrategy arechitecture, using Spring Boot stack to deliver high-available and scaleable software for whatever your business needs.
Sparta Technology has experience in setting up and deploying applications in the Cloud. This helps distribute geographically, decreasing application down-time, and is also more cost-effective. But if you prefer to host your services locally we will help you deploying application in the local environment.

Our Team

This is the people that makes Sparta Technology.

Our Services

Among others these are the services provided by Sparta Technology.

Front-End Web Development

Development of HTML5 responsive Web Applications. Using frameworks like JQuery, Bootstrap, etc.

Back-End services development

Development of back-end solutions. Delivering Web Services, needed for your business.


Complete ECommerce solution, with integrate payment provided, totally customized for your company.

Cloud Computing

We help you to have your solutions deployed in the Cloud.

Mobile Development

We offer native app development for IOS and Android.


Consulting services, from setting up your environment to developing you Java application.

Our Skills

Web Development
Mobile Apps
Cloud Computing
NoSQL Databases
Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server
Cloud Computing
Unix Systems
Development processes

Our Portfolio

These are some of the softwares developed by Sparta Technology.

Tempus is a time-tracking application control used to manage working time in projects.

This application was created with the intent to help people to have a better understanding of where their time it's being spent.

Contact Us

Info us

Company: Sparta Technology
Phone: (516) 974-7095